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Stacked is a production framework built in Flutter. For teams or solo developers that require high-quality code, Stacked simplifies the development and maintenance of production Flutter applications. Built by FilledStacks, a mobile software development agency with experience using Native iOS and Android, Xamarin and now Flutter, who has built over 30 applications. We know what is required to build big, scalable, testable and maintainable applications, this is the core focus of Stacked.

  • Scalable: Stacked is built to make your team scalable and keep your productivity high. With good code conventions and a strong opinion on how to develop functionality, you or your team will have a clear guide around adding and maintaining features.

  • Testable: We put an emphasis on unit tests and our MVVM architecture is designed to make unit testing any part of your business logic or state as easy as possible.

  • Maintainable: We have strong opinions on separation of concerns. This, in combination with our strict coding principles, will allow you to scale your code consistently and without the worry of it turning into spaghetti as you grow.

Now with its own CLI, it's even easier to get into Stacked.

Get Started

Installation Tip

Make sure that you have Flutter installed and set up. If not, head over to Flutter Install to get it setup.

To get started with Stacked, install the stacked_cli package using pub by running:

dart pub global activate stacked_cli

This will give you access to all the Stacked goodies.

Create a Stacked App

To create your first app, run:

stacked create app my_first_app

This will create your Stacked flutter application. Connect a device or an emulator and run the app using the usual flutter command:

flutter run

You should see a loading screen with loading indicator, followed by a View with a counter and some buttons. This starting point gives you the basics of what's required for a Stacked application. The following is set up by default:

  • State management
  • Start-up logic functionality
  • Navigation
  • Dialog UI builders
  • BottomSheet UI builder
  • Dependency Inversion
  • Unit tests example

Everything that you need to build a production flutter app with your team.

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